Message From
Editor in Chief

Our foremost loyalty lies with the public. Journalism should help people understand everything from state affairs to the services they receive from the government.

We believe in democracy: Informed citizens are key to strengthening democracy. An informed citizenry is the true vanguard of democracy, capable of holding their government accountable. This spirit guides us to work tirelessly to inform the people.

Transparency is our lifeline. Democracy is synonymous with transparency, and good journalism helps governments at all levels become more transparent. It also empowers people to ask questions to the authorities. All our works are guided by the spirit of promoting transparency, thereby accountability of those in power.

Content is king. We are committed to creating excellent content for our readers and viewers. For us, technology is not a hindrance but a tool to deliver the best content. Technologies may change, but the essence of good journalism remains the same.

We are committed to embracing ICT to change the media landscape: Advancements in information and technology have posed new challenges to journalism. Legacy journalism, in particular, is struggling to survive and thrive. However, technology also offers new avenues to reach readers and viewers. By embracing new technologies, we can change the media landscape. We are modernizing our practices to navigate the flood of information and help our audience understand the real issues.

Guna Raj Luitel

Editor in Chief at Nepal Republic Media

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