Who Are We?

Established in 2009, Nepal Republic Media (NRM) Private Limited has become one of the leading and most respected media houses in the country today.

Apart from running two broadsheet daily newspapers – Nagarik (in Nepali) and Republica (in English), NRM publishes a Nepali weekly tabloid – Shukrabar – and two online news sites – nagariknews and myrepublica.

"With a dedicated team of professional journalists and managers, NRM has managed to carve a niche in the ever-growing Nepali media scene, making serious impact on the society and influencing the decision-makers."


Nagarik Daily is a flagship publication of Nepal Republic Media Limited. It was launched in 2009 to provide comprehensive news and views in Nepali national language. The word Nagarik denotes ordinary citizens. True to its name Nagarik always seeks to empower citizens through daily news and views with fresh perspective. Nagarik provides unbiased information to the public without fear and favor to get the true picture of the issues of the day. It covers daily events ranging from politics to social affairs. Nagarik is committed to quality journalism. It has earned reputation for exposing malpractices and irregularities by those in power and positions. Nagarik is not aligned or affiliated to any political parties and equally critical to each and every event. However, Nagarik firmly believes in democracy and transparency in the country. Nagarik covers from all over the country through its dedicated team members to give the real picture of the nation. It also covers international affairs regularly which give sufficient information to the Nepali speaking population. Nagarik always inspires political leadership for the development and prosperity of the country.

The Republica English Daily in Nepal stands for providing comprehensive news coverage and in-depth analysis of national and international events. As one of the leading English-language newspapers in Nepal, it aims to deliver accurate, timely, and relevant news to its readers. The newspaper covers a wide range of topics, including politics, economy, social issues, culture, sports, and entertainment, with a particular focus on issues that impact Nepal and its people. In pursuit of truth is what we at Republica strive to do. Republica prides itself on its journalistic integrity, striving to present unbiased and factual reporting. It serves as a crucial source of information for English-speaking Nepalis, expatriates, and international readers interested in Nepal. By promoting transparency, accountability, and informed public discourse, Republica contributes to the democratic process and social development in Nepal.

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Being the first Publicly owned and listed media company NRM prides itself in creating greater benchmarks for accountability & transparency. NRM has always been the torch bearer of change and this mindset is deeply rooted in our culture. Our 15 year journey has been full of innovation and change. While we respect and learn from the past we have always looked forward and embraced the future.

The Media Industry in Nepal is facing a very taxing time, we are in a transitory mode on the cusp of change. A lot of things we deemed relevant may not seem relevant anymore however the fundamentals and principles of informing and creating informed citizens through the pursuit of truth remain the same. NRM’s vision is to empower every single nepali with the right information to make informed decisions.

In the quest to do the same we have multiple things we are focusing on moving forward. With the technological advancement around us it is pivotal for us to ride the tide. We will be looking at readership acquisition vividly in the digital arena and looking for multiple revenue sources beyond our traditional media. Additionally we are prioritizing greater visibility and coverage in sports, art, culture, travel and entertainment.

Sambridhi Gyawali

CEO of Nepal Republic Media
Nagarik Dainik

A flagship publication of Nepal's first and only publicly listed media company, owned and operated by the people, for the people.

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My Republica

'In pursuit of truth' sums up what the Republica, and its web version myrepublica.com, are all about. That is our calling, and our crusade.

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Radio Nagarik

Radio Nagarik is all about breaking barriers of traditional FM radio in Nepal. Our diverse programs sets us unique and distinct in every aspect.

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Nagarik Network

The first and only Video-On-Demand platform with content tailored for the Nepali audience on entertainment, politics, sports, lifestyle and more.

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Nagarik Shukrabar

Shukrabar is Nepal's Leading Weekly Newspaper Covers Current affairs ,Social issues, Entertainment, Crime, Health, Tips and many more...

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Nagarik Pariwaar

Nagarik Pariwaar is Nepal's Leading Monthly Magazine which covers Current affairs ,Social issues, Entertainment, Crime, Health, Tips and many more...

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