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3Ts of Nepal Republic Media: Core Values


Nepal Republic Media Limited aims to go beyond the ordinary in its pursuit of excellence in journalism and news publication. This value emphasizes the organization's commitment to surpassing conventional standards and expectations. By consistently pushing boundaries, embracing innovation, and striving for continuous improvement, the company seeks to elevate the quality of its content and services. "Transcend" reflects an aspiration to achieve new heights in media, ensuring that the organization remains at the forefront of the industry, setting benchmarks for others to follow.


Transparency is fundamental to building trust and credibility with readers, stakeholders, and the broader community. Nepal Republic Media Limited prioritizes openness and honesty in all its operations, from news reporting to business practices. This core value underscores the importance of clear communication, ethical journalism, and accountability. By being transparent, the organization fosters an environment where information is accessible, accurate, and unbiased, allowing readers to make informed decisions and fostering a culture of trust and integrity.


Trust is the cornerstone of Nepal Republic Media Limited's relationship with its audience. As a news publication, the organization recognizes the critical role it plays in providing reliable and factual information. Being trusted means that the audience can rely on the accuracy, integrity, and impartiality of the news and content published. This value is about earning and maintaining the confidence of readers through consistent quality, ethical reporting, and a steadfast commitment to journalistic principles. By being a trusted source of news, the organization aims to strengthen its reputation and influence in the media landscape.

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  • टपेन्द्र कार्की

ललिता निवास प्रकरण: हात्ती आयो, हात्ती आयो फुस्सा!

अनुसन्धान संगठित अपराधमा, मुद्दा किर्तेमा

संगठित अपराधसम्बन्धी कानुन नै नभएको समयमा भएको घटनामा पश्चदर्शी कानुन लगाउन नमिल्ने आशय देखाएर सरकारी वकिल कार्यालयले संगठित अपराधमा मुद्दा नचलाउने निर्णय गरेर काठमाडौं जिल्ला अदालतमा किर्ते मुद्दा दायर गरेको हो।

  • Prashant Lamichhane

Noted hoteliers lead Fewa encroachment: Probe panel

Fewa Lake Encroachment

Those prominent personalities are found to have encroached on Fewa's wetland area and erected illegal structures threatening the...